Principle propulsion Systems is a company that offers expert repair and overhaul of T-53 turbine engines for marine and industrial applications. We offer individual engine sales and complete turbine engine power conversion packages and installation. We are a team of men and women that have over twenty five years of turbine engine experience. PPS president Jim Grasham has worked to offer you a motorsport like no other. In a world of high performance and technology our marinized T-53 engines answer the call for the extreme demand put forth by the boating community. Fast, fun and dependable, turbine engines clearly have a placed in the marine industry. Turbine boats are nothing new. We have found out through the years that the single most challenging aspect of building or owning a turbine powered boat is the lack of engine support for the customer. We pride ourselves on building the best engine possible for you the customer. We also feel a need to teach the customer whats needed in order to safely and properly operate these unique projects. Whether you need engines or the entire package we want you to know PPS can make it happen. Our experience comes from working on Huey and Cobra helicopters, rigging turbine powered drag boats and offshore boats. Give us a call and see what PPS can offer you.

T-53 engines and power conversion packages, complete repair and overhaul of all T-53 series engines and Chandler Evans fuel control. We also repair all accessories related to the engine such as oil pumps, hydraulic actuators, pneumatics actuators, main fuel and start fuel manifolds etc. Our engines go through a complete disassembly and inspection before being re assembled with quality being key. From balancing rotating components, bench testing accessories to complete test cell performance and vibration test you will know what you are getting. Often our customers witness a test run and tour the facility where these engines are built. We offer field maintenance for a quick turnaround on repairs or inspections that don’t require removal of the engines. We always want the customer to know that our support is as easy as a phone call away.